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Peer Helping

Once a peer helper has completed the core training, it is time to get actively involved in …. peer helping!  Being active in peer helping can be demonstrated in many ways, e.g. participation in Student Counselling initiated projects, projects run by Student Support Services and some Nelson Mandela University projects such as Open Day.

Peer helpers are also requested to initiate at least one project of their own during their peer helper term of 12 months. For this purpose, peer helpers receive Project Management training as part of their Core Training.   Own projects are initiatives that typically involve an act of service delivery in an area of need identified by the peer helper, such as career guidance to grade 11 and grade 12 learners, study guidance to Nelson Mandela University students and grade 11 and 12 learners, healthy lifestyle peer education, etc. Own projects can be executed by a single peer helper or a small team.

Peer Helpers usually discuss and fine-tune their own-project-ideas during Reflective Practice sessions with other peer helpers and Student Counselling staff. Once satisfied with the fine-tuning and feasibility of own projects, details of these projects get documented on a Peer Helper Project Proposal Form and submitted for screening by a special ad hoc committee, the Project Screening Committee (PSC). Monthly meeting dates for the PSC are set long ahead of time. Peer Helpers have to submit their Project Proposal Forms one week before a monthly PSC meeting.

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